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  • Average pesticide used in Nepal is 142 gram per hectare.
  • But it differ according to the crop as 2100 gm/ha in tea, 2560 gm/ha in cotton and 1400 gm/ha in vegetables.
  • The annual import of pesticides in Nepal is about 211mt a.i. with 29.19% insecticides, 61.38% fungicides, 7.43% herbicides and 2% others (Sharma et al., 2012).

The latest information about pesticide use status of Nepal

  • Total Imported: 410 ton out of which Insecticide: 138 ton, Fungicide: 164ton, Weedicide: 101ton and others 7 ton
  • Average use: 396 g ai/ha
  • Vegetable: 1605 g ai/ha
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