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Common bunt of wheat
Angular leaf spot/ bacterial blight/boll rot/black arm of cotton
Rice tungro virus
Rice grassy stunt virus
Rice ragged stunt virus
Rice yellow dwarf disease
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  • Crop rotation with non-host crops for 1-2 years will eliminate nematodes, present in the field.
  • Clean seed should be sown.
  • Sieve Method (Mechanical) Sieves of different mesh sizes are used and galls are separated from the seed.
  • Table Salt Solution: If sieving is not possible, prepare 20% solution of common table salt (NaCl).
  • Hot water Treatment: Pre-soaking for 2 hours and then putting grains in hot water at 122°F (50ºC) for at least 2 hours. This method is also effective against the loose smut of wheat (Ustilago tritici).
  • Resistant Varieties: Wheat of Mexican blood/origin is fairly resistant to the


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