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Common bunt of wheat
Angular leaf spot/ bacterial blight/boll rot/black arm of cotton
Rice tungro virus
Rice grassy stunt virus
Rice ragged stunt virus
Rice yellow dwarf disease
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C/O: Tilletia controversa

  • infected wheat spike, with glumes removed to expose fungal sori (bunt balls).

Dwarf bunt of wheat - Tilletia controversa, Nexles

Etiology of hill bunt:

  • Two species are distinguished based on the morphology of the bunt spores.
  • Teliospores of  tritici have ridges on their walls which gives them a “warty” appearance
  • Teliospores of  laevishave smooth spore walls.

Carbón Cubierto = Carbón Hediondo Tilletia foetida=T.laevis - ppt video  online descargar

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