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Common bunt of wheat
Angular leaf spot/ bacterial blight/boll rot/black arm of cotton
Rice tungro virus
Rice grassy stunt virus
Rice ragged stunt virus
Rice yellow dwarf disease
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Sorghum DM – Peronosclerospora sorghi / P. philippinensis

  • Sorghi causes sorghum downy mildew, which can result in severe economic losses of both sorghum and maize.

Crazy top DM – Sclerophthora macrospora

  • It causes downy mildew on a vast number of cereal crops including oats, rice, maize, and wheat as well as varieties of turf grass. The common names of the diseases associated with Sclerophthora macrospora include “crazy top disease” on maize and “yellow tuft” disease on turf grass.

Brown stripe DM – Sclerophthora rayssiae var zeae

  • The first record of brown stripe downy mildew of maize occurred in India in the early 1960s. S. rayssiae var. zeae has been identified on leaves of Zea mays subsp. mays in India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Thailand.

Sugarcane DM – Peronosclerospora sacchari

  • It cause downy mildew on Sugarcane and Maize.
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