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Causative agent : (Xanthomonas  oryzae pv. Oryzae)  



Two phages a) wilting of plants (kresek phage )    b) leaf blight phage

  1. Wilting phage
  • Occurs during seedling stage, 3-4 weeks after transplanting roll up. As disease progress the leaf turns yellow to straw color and wilts leading whole seedling to dry up and die.
  • Sometime confused to early rice stem borer damage.
  • To distinguish kresek symptoms from stem borer, squeeze the lower end of infected seedling between finger.
  • Kresek symptoms show yellowish bacterial ooze coming out from cut end and not pull easily from soil.

Bacterial leaf blight of rice: Symptoms & Control Measures - Basic  Agricultural Study

2. Leaf blight phage

  • On older leaf, water soaked to yellow orange stripes are +nt on leaf blade, leaf tip or mechanical injured parts of plant.
  • Lesion are wavy margin and progress towards the leaf base.
  • On young lesion bacterial ooze resembling a dew .
  • Bacterial ooze later dries up and become a yellow to black beads

Symptoms of BLB disease in rice | Download Scientific Diagram

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