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C/O: Fusarium oxysporium f.sp. vasinfectum


  • Disease starts at the age of 1-3 weeks.
  • Yellowing and browning of the cotyledons.
  • Leaves lose their turgidity.
  • First turn yellow and then brown and finally drop off.
  • The tap root ceased to grow, and less no. of lateral roots emerged.
  • Browning and blackening of vascular tissues.
  • Discolorations of leaves starts from the margins and spread towards midribs.
  • Wilting may be complete(tap root infection) or partial (lateral root infection).
  • Young plants lower part becomes black whereas partial discoloration is observed in case of mature plants.
  • The plugged xylem vessels of blackish color is observed under examination.
  • The vascular bundles with fungal hyphae and gummy substances can be observed with transverse section cut.

Fusarium Wilt: Symptoms, Treatment and Control | Planet Natural

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