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Common bunt of wheat
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Rice yellow dwarf disease
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C/O : Cercospora  zeae –maydis

  • Prevalent in warmer and rainy season
  • GLS was first reported in 2006 from Nepal.
  • It became epidemic in the Dhungkharka VDC of Kavre Planchowk district and Kaleswor, Gotikhel VDCs of Lalitpur district of Nepal


  • Symptoms appear first on lower leaves before silking.
  • Small, pinpoint lesions surrounded by yellow halos (more visible as leaf is backlit).
  • Gray to tan lesions develops between the veins and are distinctly rectangular with smooth, linear margins along the leaf veins.
  • Lesions are most often confused with those of the bacterial leaf streak. Bacterial leaf streak lesion margins are usually more irregular or wavy in contrast to the smooth, straight lesions of gray leaf spot. 

Gray Leaf Spot in Corn

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