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Common bunt of wheat
Angular leaf spot/ bacterial blight/boll rot/black arm of cotton
Rice tungro virus
Rice grassy stunt virus
Rice ragged stunt virus
Rice yellow dwarf disease
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C/O: Bipolaris maydis (telomorph: cochilobus heterostropus)


  • Spots are smaller, yellowish round or oval spots in the beginning, variable in color and pattern
  • These spots enlarge, become elliptical and the center becomes straw colored with a reddish-brown margin.
  • Spots may be round to elongated and may be vein limited, have more or less parallel margins
  • Conidia and conidiophores are formed in the center.
  • Spots may be 2 mm to 22mm in size
  • Reddish brown margin of spots may be seen
  • Tassel infection is rare and no ear infection is reported.

Southern corn leaf blight - Wikipedia

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