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Terminology related to human nutrition
Relation of food and nutrition to health
Anti nutritional factors present in common foods
Nutritional deficiency diseases in developing countries and their prevention measures
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• Low intake of Vitamin A from daily diets

• Restricted Vitamin A absorption

• Worm infestation



• Xerophthalmia [Night blindness, Bitot’s spot,

corneal ulcer, Keratomalacia, xerosis (dry skin)

• Increased risk of morbidity and mortality


Government action in prevention of VAD

– Mass supplementation of high-dose VA capsules to children aged 6 and 59 months of age.

– Initiation of VA capsules supplementation for postpartum mothers through FCHVs and health facilities.

– Treatment of night-blind pregnant women with low dose VA capsules in the selected districts.

– Case treatment for measles, severe malnutrition, chronic diarrhea and eye problems related to VAD.


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