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Terminology related to human nutrition
Relation of food and nutrition to health
Anti nutritional factors present in common foods
Nutritional deficiency diseases in developing countries and their prevention measures
Learn applied human nutrition with Braimy – B.Sc Agriculture
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1. Strategy to increase food production:

– Use bare land for cultivation, improve method of farming, produce nutrients which could be used as foods by chemical engineering, genetic engineering, or through GMC/A.


2. Food consumption and distribution system should be improved:


– Government action: legislation

– Food subsidies: artificial lowering of price

– Rationing scheme: to make food available in limited amounts

– Black markets: should controlled.

– Food enrichment program: food enriched or fortified by addition of def. nutrients.

– Welfare food program: for poor people as school meal, nursing mothers.



3. Government procurement and distribution system should be improved:


– Transport problems

– Storage of foods

– Price control


4. International aids should be properly utilized on social justice basis so that real target will benefit it.


5. Nutrition education and functional literacy program:

– Teach about health education (people of all sector teach to their patients/pupils/consumers etc)


6. Nutrition intervention program:

a. Nutritional measures: such as food subsidies, rationing scheme, fortification, welfare food as school meal etc.

b. Non-nutritional measures: radio, TV, newspapers, magazines plays role in extension of knowledge about importance of health education.


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