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Terminology related to human nutrition
Relation of food and nutrition to health
Anti nutritional factors present in common foods
Nutritional deficiency diseases in developing countries and their prevention measures
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a) Drying: bacteriostatic.

b) Canning: bactericidal with heat.

c) Freezing: destroys MO’s and inhibits growth.

d) Freezedrying: fruits and seafoods. Retains original shape, size.

e) Dehydrofreezing: fruits and vegetables. First dehydrated to 60% moisture of original weight.

f) Irradiation: x-rays, gamma rays kills MO’s.

g) Addition of chemicals: NaCl, acidification with acetic acid, fatty acid such as sod.

h) Diacetate, sulfurdioxide, sorbic acid, sod. Nitratre etc.

I) Antioxidants: i.e. vit. E, C and tannins.

j) Parboiling of rice: steaming/boiling of unhusked rice after soaking in water leads to easy removal of husk without nutrient loss.

k) Fortification: nutrients added to food. i.e. wheat deficient in lysine; maize deficient in lysine, tryptophan; salts with iodine.

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