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Terminology related to human nutrition
Relation of food and nutrition to health
Anti nutritional factors present in common foods
Nutritional deficiency diseases in developing countries and their prevention measures
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  1. Toxic amino acids:

–  Lathyrus poison:cause d/s of spinal cord (lathyrism) causing crippling and permanent paralysis, neurotoxin from seeds of lathyrus sativus, BOAA(beta-N-oxalyl-amino-l-alanine).

  1. Toxic alkaloids:

  • Argimone contamination: in poppy seeds;sometimes mustard seeds, oils; alkaloids sanguinarine inhibits oxidation of pyruvic acid; pyruvic acid accumulates blood and cause dropsy.

  • Alkaloids in potatoes: exposed to light then sprouting develops to green due to solanine and chacomine, poisoning of GI, diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain.

  • Cyanogenic glycosides: cassava, tapoica or sorghum; linamarin and lotausralin in cassava; taxiphyllin in bamboo shoots; amygdalin in almonds.

  1. Trypsin inhibitor:

– Active against pancreatic proteolytic enzymes

– Found in red gram, Bengal gram, cow pea, soyabean, sweet potato

  1. Haemagglutinins:

– Heat liable, from field beans and horse grams

– Haemolytic property more in green seeds and diminishes as the seed matures

– Agglutinin combine with cell lining of intestinal walls and interferes with absorption

– Nausea ,vommiting, diarrhoea.

  1. Flatulence factors:

– Large consumption of red gram, soyabean, lima beans, navy beans, black gram associated with production of gases and digestibility disorders. Soaking overnight reduces flatulence factors.

  1. Mycotoxins:

– aspergillus and penicillin are storage fungi; aflatoxin in cereals due to improper storage.

  1. Goitrogenic substances:

– Cabbage, mustard, rape due to glucosinolates (prevent thyroxin synthesis) and thiocyanates(reduce concentration of iodine).

  1. Cycads nuts:

– Cyasin affects CNS, remove by washing

  1. Mushroom poisoning:

Amanita, wild mushroom, fata,

  1. Favism:

Ingestion of pollen if fava beans cause haemolytic anaemia; due to def of enzyme G-6-P-D.

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