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Terminology related to human nutrition
Relation of food and nutrition to health
Anti nutritional factors present in common foods
Nutritional deficiency diseases in developing countries and their prevention measures
Learn applied human nutrition with Braimy – B.Sc Agriculture
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1. Indirect Linking of Feeding With Sleep:

– Feeding babies while sleeping may lead his/her mind to want milk for sleeping.

– Later, if a baby finds himself awake at night, he won’t be able to put himself back to sleep unless he is fed again.

Such repetitive scenarios can confuse parents by knowing when the baby is really hungry.

2. Constant Interruptions in Sleep:

3. A Subjective Image of a Healthy Child:

– For first-time parents, their opinion of a healthy child is governed by the pictures of the babies who are a little on the chubbier side.

– But parents might coerce the baby into drinking more milk than needed, in a well-intentioned attempt to fatten him up, leading to overfeeding.

4.Opting for Fortified Milk Over the Normal One

5. Feeding in a Hurried Manner

6. Misinterpretation of Cues Indicating Hunger

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