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Terminology of Animal Nutrition
Comparative composition of plant and animal cells and tissues
Learn animal nutrition and feeding practices with Braimy – Agriculture
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  1. Starch: After hydrolysis change to dextrin, maltose and finally to glucose.
  2. Glycogen: Is main CHOs storage products in animal body and play important role in energy metabolism.
  3. Dextrin: Intermediate product of starch and glucose.
  4. Cellulose: Occurs in nearly pure form in cotton and less digested in non-ruminant but digested in ruminant by microorganism and end product is VFA like acetic propionic and butyric.
  5. Hemicelluloses: Are water insoluble and less resistance chemical agent than cellulose, they form leafy and woody structure of plant.
  6. Pectin: Found in peel of citrus, sugar beet pulp and used as jam making.
  7. Chitin: Major constituent of exoskeleton of insect.
  8. Inulin: Storage form of CHO and after hydrolysis produces fructose.
  9. Lignin: Closely associated with cellulose and is indigestible by animal.
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