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Terminology of Animal Nutrition
Comparative composition of plant and animal cells and tissues
Learn animal nutrition and feeding practices with Braimy – Agriculture
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  1. On the basis of structure of protein:

A. Simple protein:

a) Albumin : Serum albumin , Egg albumin, Lactal albumin

b) Globulin : Serum globulin, Tissue globulin and vegetable globulin

c) Prolamins : Zien ( from maize), Gliadin ( from wheat) and Hordein ( from Barley)

d) Glutelins : Glutenin ( from wheat) and Oryzenin ( from rice)

e) Scleroprotein : Keratin, Fibronin, Collagen and Elastin

B. Conjugated protein:

a) Nucleoprotein: DNA and RNA

b) Chromoprotein : Chlorophyll and Hemoglobin

c) Glycoprotein

d) Lipoprotein: Lecithin and cephalin

e) Metalloprotein: Hemoglobin and chlorophyll

C. Derived protein:

a) Peptone

b) Peptide

c) Proteases

  1. On the basis of role or function in the body

a. Structural protein: Collagen; connective tissue

b. Contractile protein: Myosin; muscle

c. Antibody: Gama globulin

d. Blood protein: Hemoglobin, albumin

e. Hormone: Insulin

f. Enzymes: All enzymes

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