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Terminology of Animal Nutrition
Comparative composition of plant and animal cells and tissues
Learn animal nutrition and feeding practices with Braimy – Agriculture
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  • The end product of fats are fatty acids, glycerols and monoglycerides.
  • Among these the glycerol is soluble in water while fatty acids and monoglycerides are insoluble in water.
  • In the intestine the fatty acids, monoglycerides and bile salts aggregates to form mixed micelles which are soluble in water.
  • The hydrophobic fatty acida are monoglycerides from the core while hydrophilic bile salt from the periphery of mix miceles.
  • These diffuses in the cell of villi where fatty acids and monoglycerides combine together to form triglycerides and becomes enveloped by a layer of bitalico protein called chylamycromes.
  • These enters into lacteal which carry it towards the hepatic portal system In the thoracic region.
  • This system opens in the liver where bile salts are separated and used again to form the bile and triglycerides are transplanted to different body tissue.
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