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  • Synonyms: Lock jaw disease
  • Characterized by convulsions and death

Tetanus - 'lockjaw' - Bakewell Vets

a) Etiology:

  • Clostridium tetany

b) Transmission:

  • Through infected soil
  • Port of entry is usually through deep puncture wounds.
  • Injury can remain dormant for many years until favorable condition are met.

c) Pathogenesis:

  • Injury à Invasion by tetanus spores à germination and proliferation of spores à release of neurotoxin à interrupt the nerve impulse transmission à paralysis à death due to asphyxiation

d) Symptoms:

  • Incubation period is 3-10 days in horse and cattle and 3 days in sheep.
  • Mastication prevented by tetany of masseter muscles.
  • General stiffness, drooling of saliva from mouth.
  • Adoption of saw horse posture
  • Increased body temperature and profuse sweating
  • Tetanic convulsion and finally death

Treatment of tetanus in cow, buffalo, calf l symptoms of tetanus in animal  l dr umar khan - YouTube

e) Diagnosis:

  • Based on clinical signs and symptom
  • Muscular dystrophy, white muscle disease.

f) Treatment and control:

  • Immunization with formaldehyde-inactivated tetanus toxin ( TeNT).
  • Wound cleaning, antibiotic treatment
  • Injection of TeNT immunoglobin are recommended.
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