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  • Inflammation of mammary gland
  • Recognized by redness, swelling and fever in dairy cow udder.

a) Etiology:

  • Streptococcus aureus , S. agalactiae, S. uberis

b) Symptoms:

  • Swelling of udder, redness or pain
  • Water appearance, flakes, clots or pus in milk
  • Reduction in milk yield
  • Increase in body temperature, lack of appetite
  • Signs of diarrhea and dehydration

Management and treatment of summer cattle mastitis | Vet Times

c) Diagnosis:

  • Signs of inflammation
  • Empty udder
  • Unbalanced quarters
  • California mastitis test

d) Control and treatment:

  • Identify and treat clinical cases
  • Post milking teat disinfection
  • Routine maintenance of milking machine
  • Vaccination
  • Antibiotic therapy
  • Culling infected animal
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