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  • Also known as Pulpy kidney/ over eating disease.
  • Acute infectious toxemic disease of ruminant
  • Characterized by diarrhea, convulsions, paralysis and sudden death.

International Journal of Veterinary Science

a) Etiology:

  • Clostridium perfringes type D-sheep

b) Transmission:

  • Faeces or carcass of animal
  • Ingestion of contaminated pasture in endemic areas

c) Pathogenesis:

  • Changed diet—> change of bacteria population in rumen—->  increase in acid producing bacteria population—-> Decrease in pH Wound in rumen à proliferation of bacteria—> production of toxins à cause disease in animal.

d) Symptoms:

  • Death of lambs within half to few hours
  • Course of disease ( <2 hrs to never more than 12 hrs)
  • Dull, depressed, anorectic, convulsion, salivation, diarrhea
  • Glycosuria and hyperglycemia

Enterotoxemia in sheep and goats - Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic  Laboratory

e) Differential diagnosis:

  • Black leg, Anthrax, Bloat, Pregnant toxemia, Acute poisoning

f) Diagnosis:

  • History of overfeeding
  • Demonstration of toxins
  • Isolation and identification of organism
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