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  • Also known as Bang’s disease in animal and malta fever in human.
  • Highly contagious disease of cattle, camel , sheep, goat and swine
  • Characterized by inflammation of genital organs and fetal membrane, abortion with retained placenta.

Brucellosis: Characteristic hygromas in a cow. | Download Scientific Diagram

a) Etiology:

  • Brucella abortus , B. ovis , B. susi, B. canis, etc.

b) Transmission:

  • Content of pregnant uterus, Fetus, Fetal membrane, urine, milk, semen, faeces, etc.

c) Pathogenesis:

  • Entry of pathogen by ingestion à Enter and travel through intestinal walls à enter into lymphatics à localize in regional nodes and proliferate à Enter into lymphatics and reach blood vessels à localization in variety of tissue à in uterus, spleen, udder, lungs, spleen, etc.

d) Symptoms:

  • High incidence of abortion
  • Retention of placenta
  • Birth of death calves
  • Infertility and sterility
  • Inflammation of testes

Merck | Brucellosis

e) Diagnosis:

  • Clinical signs and symptoms
  • Allergic test
  • Isolation and identification of organism
  • Bacterial culture
  • Milk ring test
  • Serological test
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