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ZOPP approach in project planning
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1. Open ended questions:-


1. Good enough when little is known about the topic

2. Preserve respondent’s wording, thoughts and emphasis

3. Better for sensitive topic

4. Less influence on respondents



1. Demanding for respondents

2. Answer not sufficiently focused

3. Rarely exact enough

4. Costly coding

5. Open to interviewer bias


2. Close-ended questions:-


1. Easy to answer to respondent

2. Response can be standardized

3. Easy for coding

4. Save time and money for data processing



1. Bias due to order of response

2. Suitable for only well defined cases only


3. Contingency questions

– At last, it is better to ask about the respondents view or expectation, overall problem of the issues, which might be different from your objectives. It might be course to respondent.


4. Introductory paragraph (opening scripts)

– Introduction each other

– Where you are from- institution

– Objective of the study

– Use of the information in future

– Level of confidentiality

– Possible time taken, and opportunities of asking the question

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