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I) Programming :

– The purpose of Programming is to assess the main objectives and priorities of the sector, and thus to provide a relevant and feasible programming framework within which programs and projects can be identified and prepared.

II) Identification :

– The purpose of the identification phase is to:

a) identify project ideas that are consistent with the sector national framework, the sector strategy, the sector programme (if existing) and partner development priorities;

b) assess the relevance and likely feasibility of these project ideas consulting stakeholders (beneficiaries in particular) and other sector partners;

c) assess the possibility of overlapping and other criticalities with other projects or programmes in the sector

d) prepare a project identification document summarizing the results of the ideas and the financial aspects; and

e) determine the scope of the further work required for individual projects during the formulation stage.

III) Formulation :

-The purpose of the formulation phase is to

a) Confirm the relevance and feasibility of the project ideas as proposed in the identification phase;

b) Prepare a detailed project design, including the management and coordination arrangements, financing plan, cost-benefit analysis, risk management, monitoring, evaluation and audit arrangements;

c) Prepare a proposal including all the documents above mentioned to be submitted to the funding organization or to the government.

IV) Implementation including monitoring and reporting :

– The purpose of the implementation stage is to:

a) Deliver the results and contribute effectively to the overall objective of the project;

b) Manage the available resources efficiently; and

c) Monitor and report on progress of activities.

V) Evaluation :

-The purpose of evaluation is to :

a) Contribute to improving sector policies, strategies, procedures or techniques;

b) consider a continuation or discontinuation of a project/programme;

c) accountability for expenditures to stakeholders and tax payers;

VI) Audit :

– The purpose of an audit is to:

a) Assess an activity/subject that is the responsibility of another party against identified suitable criteria, and

b) Express a conclusion (i.e. qualified opinion) that provides the intended user with a level of assurance about the activity/subject being audited.

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