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Scientific papers commonly use a number of types of illustrations:


– Tables are best if you need to present your reader with numbers in an organized, clear manner.

Bio 40 Lab: How to Create a Table for Your Lab Report | Pomona College in  Claremont, California - Pomona College

Figure :-

Tips on effective use of tables and figures in research papers | Editage  Insights

Line graphs:-

– It demonstrate relationships among data or dynamic comparisons

what is a line graph, how does a line graph work, and what is the best way  to use a line graph? — storytelling with data

Bar and pictorial graphs:-

– It compares quantities

73,690 Bar Chart Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Pie charts :-

– It shows proportions of a whole

What is a Pie Chart? | TIBCO Software


– It represents the data accurately

Creating clear and informative image-based figures for scientific  publications | PLOS Biology

Flow charts:-

– It shows a complicated process or system

General flow chart of journal manuscript publication | Download Scientific  Diagram


– It may shows the distribution of quantitative or qualitative data or illustrate research sites or other locales

Science mapping and personal research influence | Labs Explorer

Line drawings:-

– Line drawing illustrate objects, specimens or represent data.

Scientific Line Drawings -

Organizational chart:-

– It visually display the hierarchy

the organization chart of the paper | Download Scientific Diagram

Link-Network Diagrams:-

– Link networks show the relationships.

Link prediction in paper citation network to construct paper correlation  graph | EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking | Full  Text


– Use histograms to show frequency distributions of observations for each class of variable such as weights or crop yields.

Histogram of papers with respect to the year of publication and the... |  Download Scientific Diagram

Scatter plot:-

– A scatter plot displays the relationship between two factors of the experiment. A trend line is used to determine positive, negative, or no correlation

Publication Quality Scatter Plot in Excel for Research - YouTube

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