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ZOPP approach in project planning
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  1. Title :-

– Few possible words that adequately describes the contents of paper.

  1. Author and address

– Listing of authors should include only those who actively contributed to the overall design and/or execution of the work

  1. Abstract :-

– Short summary of the complete content.

– Must not exceed 300 words.

– Written in past tense and as one paragraph.

  1. Introduction :-

–  Supply sufficient background information.

  1. Materials and methods :-

– Method in either logical or chronological sequences.

  1. Result and discussion :-

– Contain statistical summaries of data rather than the raw data.

– Result must be clearly an simply stated.

  1. Summary and conclusions :-

– This section includes very brief summary, resting in brief the research problem, the methodology, the major findings and the major conclusions drawn from the research results

  1. Recommendation :-

– Based on facts and major findings of  the research.

  1. Acknowledgment:-

– Must include :-

a) Any significant technical or other help you received from any individuals/groups

b) The source of special equipments, supplies or other materials

c) The source of any financial assistance

d) The source of information/data

  1. References:-

-The paper is not finished until all the publications you have referred to are listed correctly in the reference section.

  1. Appendices :-

–  at the end of report

  1. Index:-

– Index is an alphabetical listing of names, places and topics along with the numbers of the pages in a book/report on which they are mentioned/discussed.

– At the end of report.

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