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Introduction to plant pathogenic microorganism
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Bacteria and Archaea and the Cycles of Elements in the Environment

  • Sources of Sulphur emit free sulphur, gaseous sulphur & H2S in the atmosphere. Sulphur dioxide also produces from burning coal.
  • These gases are dissolved in rain water & return to the soil and are poisonous to the living organism.
  • If these gases are accumulated in soil in considerable quantity plants are unable to grow in such soil, similar cases may occur for aquatic organism. So, it is essential to remove H2S from soil & aquatic habitat.
  • Plants utilize sulphur in dissolved forms as sulphates. Leave also absorb SO2 gas from the atmosphere. Sulphur exists as sulphates, parts of amino acids like lysine, methionine & in some substances e.g. Thiamine, Glutathione, Biotin etc. inside the plants.
  • Plants do not use elemental sulphur. Sulphur passes through cycle of transformations mediated by microbes.

Sulphur accumulates in soil mainly as constituent of organic compounds & has to be converted into sulphates become readily available to the plants.

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