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Introduction to plant pathogenic microorganism
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  • Natural insecticides obtained from plant microbes. Low toxic to animals and are not injurious to organisms in the food chain.
  • Chinese were first to discover insecticidal properties of Rotenone present in the roots of Derris plant.
  • Other chief source of Rotenone insecticide in the new world is the species of Lonchocarpus Rotenone is a colorless, crystalline, miscible soluble in organic solvent & insoluble in water. It has effect on warm blooded animals.
  • It functions both as contact & as stomach poison. It helps in killing insects, parasites, like-lice, ticks, beetle, corn borers, houseflies, mosquitoes & cockroaches.
  • Pyrethrum and another plant insecticide obtained from Chrysanthemum cinarifolium. The insecticidal constituents of pyrethrum were isolated by two Swiss chemists. Pyrethrin is active insecticidal constituent and is volatile substances.
  • It fastly paralyses or knock down to the insects.
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