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Introduction to plant pathogenic microorganism
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Lignin are polymeric, non-carbohydrates containing parahydroxy phenyl propanes & are derived from shikimic acid. The examples of microbes involved in lignin degradation are:-

Fungi                                                               Bacteria

  • Agaricus 1) Arthrobacter
  • Armillaria 2) Flavobacterium
  • Clavaria 3) Micrococcus
  • Cortinellus 4) Pseudomonas
  • Ganoderma 5) Xanthomonas
  • Mycena
  • Pleurotus
  • Polyporous
  • Lycoperdon

 No description available.

After ring opening the Protocatechuic acid may produce acetic acid, succinic acid or pyruvic acids which ultimately produce CH4, CO2& H2O etc. after mineralization.

Enzymes involved:

  • Lignase
  • Phenol oxidase
  • Lactose
  • Peroxidase enzyme
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