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Behavioral relationship of bio-mass
Population and its relationship with resource depletion
Interrelationship between different components of Nepalese farming system
Nutrients cycle
Natural and agricultural resource conservation strategies
Use of limited farm resources for economic management
Learn agricultural and environmental economics – B.Sc agriculture
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Nepal is facing serious environmental degradation and challenge due to poverty, lack of economic and technical alternatives on a limited resource. Awareness has been initiated among policy makers and public sectors on detrimental

effects of environmental degradation in Nepal.


Government Started-

• Adoption of National Conservation Strategy (1988), HMG/IUCN, 1988).

• Implementation of series of national, sectoral and sub-sectoral plans and

projects; creation of number of conservation related institutions.


a)Eight Five Year Plan- more concern in environmental issues

b)Master Plan for Forestry, Irrigation, Livestock and Horticulture

c)Agriculture Perspective Plan – 20 years (1994/95 to 2014/15)

d)National Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines

e)Establishment of additional protected areas and National parks

f)Creation of Ministry of Population and Environment and National Environmental Protection Council

g) Most of the INGO/NGOs are focusing on environmental protection and creating public awareness about the environmental issues and moving protecting actions.


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