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Behavioral relationship of bio-mass
Population and its relationship with resource depletion
Interrelationship between different components of Nepalese farming system
Nutrients cycle
Natural and agricultural resource conservation strategies
Use of limited farm resources for economic management
Learn agricultural and environmental economics – B.Sc agriculture
About Lesson
  • Certain natural substances that are found inside the earth and are useful to mankind are called mineral resources. Eg: Coal and Petroleum.
  • Similarly, we get metal such as iron, copper, zinc, lead, gold, etc and raw materials for cement, porcelain, glass, etc from minerals which are used to manufacture arms, construction works, industry, etc.
  • According to preliminary statistics iron, copper, mica, gold, lead and zinc, lime- stone, gravel and boulder, talc, asbestos, salt, slate, etc are being exploited economically. Most of them lying till now (CBS, 1998).
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