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Behavioral relationship of bio-mass
Population and its relationship with resource depletion
Interrelationship between different components of Nepalese farming system
Nutrients cycle
Natural and agricultural resource conservation strategies
Use of limited farm resources for economic management
Learn agricultural and environmental economics – B.Sc agriculture
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  1. Land Resources:
  • Surface and open-cut mining drastically disturb the land surface and affect the suitability for agriculture, forestry, wildlife support, and residential and industrial use, as well as its aesthetic value.
  • Urban use of land reduces the amount of land available for agriculture and open space. Intensive cropping patterns invite soil erosion and convert to desertification.

  1. Water Resource:
  • Waste disposal- disturbances the maintenance of ecosystem and reduces the value of both agriculture and non-agricultural uses.

  1. Air Resource:
  • Intensive use for waste disposal restricts visibility and reduces the value of air for life support.

  1. Human Resource:
  • Human labor, knowledge and technical capability are employed to derive the benefits from natural resource utilization.
  • The dominance of human beings in the earth’s ecosystem, the organizing, planning and decision-making capability of people as in individual and society of natural resource management for human civilization destroys the natural resources.

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