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Introduction to agribusiness management- definition, Scope and importance; concept of business management
Basic concept and definitions of firms, plant, industry and their interrelationships with respect to agricultural production
Agribusiness environment, management systems, and managerial decisions
Cooperatives- concept, definitions, role, organization, structure, cooperative law and bylaws, developing agriculture cooperatives, cooperative marketing, cooperative farming
Learn agribusiness management, marketing and cooperatives with Braimy- B.Sc Agriculture
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1. PRODUCERS: The farmers who grow chicken and eggs for sale. The market system may include small, medium and large-scale producers.


2. BUYERS: In many market systems, the product will change hands before reaching the consumer. The poultry market system will likely have intermediaries who buy and sell before the chickens and eggs reach consumers.

3. CONSUMERS: The people who eat the chickens and eggs after buying them from a retailer or restaurant.


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